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Leona Bánh Mì Tasty Bites of Food Stories

What is a Bánh Mì

July 17th, 2018

There are many varieties and styles of Bánh Mì, each region in Vietnam has some particular ways of preparing the local Banh Mi sandwich. Leona Bánh Mì brings to this corner of Albuquerque the most popular and flavorful bánh mì varieties and ew take pride in really really packing our bread baguettes to the max with tasty and high quality ingredients. 

The essential Bánh Mì is a french baguette, usually toasted before serving to add a little crunchiness, then a little paté or other flavorful sauce is spread on the soft inside of the baguette. The number of fillings and combinations are only limited by the imagination or taste fads of the place and moment. Typically Vietnamese cured meats are favored such as Cha Lua (seasoned cooked pork roll), Jambon and steamed ham. Grilled pork or chicken with a multitude of seasonings are also very popular, specially outside Vietnam. At Leona Bánh Mì the homemade meatball bánh mì is one of the most popular. 

In addition to plenty of tasty quality meats a bánh mì is filled with pickled carrots and daikon, freshly sliced cucumber and cylantro. Adding jalapeño pepper is very popular for those craving a zing in every bite.

Leona Bánh Mì also offers a great tofu bánh mì , or lettuce wrap bánh mì (a huge lettuce wrap instead of bread baguette).

The bánh mì is one of the most ubiquitous street foods in Vietnam, tantamount to the hot dog carts strolling the street's of yesteryear, but with many more options and flavors. The bánh mì became popular in Vietnam for its versatility, ability to carry to work to school, great taste and load of nutrients all rolled into a small bread baguette. The Vietnamese community in the US brought over this delectable variety of sandwich mostly to the west coast and other US cities with a strong Vietnamese presence. 

The Bánh Mì has started to spread all over America and the world. If you have never tried one, please come over to Leoan Bánh Mì at 3250 Coors Blvd NW, Albuquerque, and if you have had a great bánh mì before and you loved it...then welcome back.